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Ro Installation & Unstallation Services For Our Clients

Professional and right RO Water Purifier Establishment Administrations guarantee the Water Purifier Service is properly utilitarian and gainful for the whole family. Set up in 2018, Safe RO Administration is an organization with a broad encounter and a fruitful history.
We represent considerable authority in the region of RO/Water purifier Service establishment Ro Uninstallation, providing a coordinated arrangement of administrationst our clients. From our view point, we are fruitful in our target of RO/Water purifier related Services.
When you buy a new RO, an experienced technician is required to install that Ro Water Purifier. Safe RO Service has 24 hours Available to set up experienced and skill-full technical for ro service in all states of India. Safe Ro Service provides you with complete and desirable installations by our skilled and experienced technicians.
After installing our Technician, you are Proper informed about How To Use Your Ro Water Purifier. The technician at Safe Ro Service perfectly balances the TDS & PH levels of water in your Ro. And 30 to 300 TDS level water is drinka

Service Charges= 299/-(24*7 Hours Available)

Installation Charges= 499/-(24*7 Hours Available)

Uninstallation Charges= 299/- (24*7 Hours Available)

Installation + Service Charges= 799/- (24*7 Hours Available)

(Extra Charges for spare parts)

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